Teacher breaks down in front of the class when she found out a student struggled with hunger

Brooke Goins, a teacher in Tennessee, who deals with different kinds of situations every day,
found herself in a heart-breaking situation. She was speechless when a student asked a
question about food, because she realized that the student could not afford it, due to lack of
She could not keep the tears from falling, and she burst down. She shared the situation on the
social media, to tell everyone what had happened that day in class.
“Today I cried at work,” Brooke Goins wrote online. “Not because I hate my job, or that it is just
too hard (it really is). Today I cried for a child, a child who so innocently talked about food, and
the lack of it. He asked when the lady that puts food in his backpack was coming. It caught me
off guard because it is our guidance counselor, and I wasn’t sure what he needed. I told him I
wasn’t sure about this week since it is a short week. He told me he was out of it at home and
needed more. Of course, I asked what was in the bag that he liked so much. I asked if it was the
macaroni bowls or the crackers, he said no.”

“I asked if it was the spaghetti O’s. He laughed and told me no that they didn’t have those. Then
it happened. He looked at me and said, ‘Those little O’s (as he made a small circle with his
hand), we don’t have those at my house. But when I do have them, they give me a warm belly
and help me sleep.’”
The teacher lost it after those heart-breaking words. She could only imagine all the struggles he
goes through every day.
“I lost it. I cried in front of twenty little people. No kid should ever be hungry, ever. Well, here is
where it gets even better. I immediately sent a text to my group. These are the people who are
teachers. Remember, hearing people say that we spend all of our money in our classrooms? We
spend it to make sure that our kids have what they need to succeed, and today we bought food.
Yep. We put our money together and made sure that this sweet baby had some Spaghetti-O’s.”
Knowing that one of her students is constantly hungry, and has a hard time affording his own
expenses, is what made her send a message to the group of teachers. They put some money
together, and bought the poor student Spaghetti.
Even if it was just one day, the kid had the food every kid in the world deserves to have, no
matter the financial problems.

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