Mom of 9-year-old boy with a failing donor-heart asks for Christmas cards to cheer him up

Christmas time is all about gratefulness and appreciation. Jennifer Lowery, the mother of a 9-
year old, William Sidebottom, has decided to make this holiday the best one by asking people
to send Christmas cards for her sick son.
William, from Asheboro, North Carolina, was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome
(HLHS). It is a birth defect that affects blood flow through the heart.

People across North Carolina have come across together to help make his wish come true.
Students at Princeton Elementary School created handmade, heartfelt cards to the Asheboro
family, and according to reports, the family's mailbox is overflowing with well-wishes and love.
His first open heart surgery was made when he was just 10 days old.
“He coded for 45 minutes while I watched in horror. Luckily he survived and had 2 more open-
heart surgeries before the age of 4” said his mother.
When he was 6, he got a heart transplant. But the heart that first saved his life, now seems to
be rejected by William’s body.
“William’s body is rejecting his heart and is only given months to live. William is just 9 years
old,” a friend shared with WFMY. “He is at 80% heart failure. He is not a candidate for a new
heart because his immune system is too strong and it would just reject a new one.”
His mother wants to make sure that the time he has left is filled with memorable and happy

Last night I hugged my mom and said we are going to make it through this together and if we
don’t, we are going to have as much fun as possible," he added.
She tries to be strong, but still seems to be hopeless by a post she wrote on social media.
“All of his arteries are blocked and he’s even grown new ones to compensate. His amazing team
is still exhausting all options, calling every hospital and doctor because no one could ever give
up on such an amazing kid.”
Friends of the family have organized fundraisers, including a GoFundMe, to help support the
According to it, he underwent emergency surgery because through the three-year biopsy, the
doctors had discovered that his arteries were 99% blocked. But the problem was not fixed yet,
even 6 months after the surgery.

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