Man caught on camera rescuing a cat on top of a utility pole, got suspended

Cats getting stuck on trees and roofs is a long time problem. They go up there, but
when it comes to getting back down, it turns into a real struggle for them and they
can’t do it on their own.
A cat stuck on the top of a utility pole in Pennsylvania, was rescued by a kind hearted
man, Maurice German. He was a Verizon employee and was the only one who
accepted going up there to rescue “Princess Momma”, that’s her name. Her owners
have called the fire department and animal rescue to ask for help, but no one did
show up.

The act of saving the cat was captured by a local reporter, who posted the video
online and it went viral. Maurice luck did not turn up that good, because as soon as
his boss saw the video, he got suspended for three weeks saying he put his and other
people’s lives in danger.
“We take no joy in this job action,” Verizon spokesperson Rich Young said. “However,
we’re committed and responsible for keeping our employees and customers safe
while working in a particular area.”
People have raised a GoFundMe campaign to help support him during his time off
work. They raised over $7,000.

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