A homeless woman living in a broken van with rats

The story of a homeless woman, known as Carla, happens to be an unusual one. She has been
living in a broken van with 320 little roommates, which happen to be rats, for a long time. The
place was miserable. The rats made the van not useful to the society anymore, because they
gobbled up the upholstery, buried itself in the seats, and ate all the wiring in the engine. The
neighbors noticed that something was wrong, so some people even complained about the rats
to the Humane Society, which went to check the situation of the van, then moved the rats to a
better place to live.

She definitely did not plan to have all those rats inside of her “home”, but things got out of
control as she was encouraging the two of the rodents to mate. Then, started sharing her food
with them. Soon, the number of rodents multiplied. Every four weeks, pregnant rats produced
dozens more in each litter.
Carla referred to the rats as they were pets. She was no longer able to keep them alive. So, she
decided to accept the help of taking care of the lovely ones from non-profit organization
“Humane Society”.
The good thing is that the rats can be adopted from people as pets. 100 infant and baby rats
are ready for adoption.

“It wasn’t a wild case,” Danee Cook said. The owner is asking for help. ”
The rats’ issue was solved in the best way possible, but what happened to Carla?
She used to work at the convenience store where she had parked her van. It was near the
Flower Hill Promenade on Via de la Valle. But now she had nothing. Her life as a homeless
woman was out of track and with no future. When people of San Diego heard about her
situation, they did what they thought was best for helping her, because they could not stand
the fact that she continues living in that broken van.
They opened a GoFundMe account, so they could raise money for helping Carla. They set a goal
of $5,000 but there are $5,068 until now. Some of the donors, even offered to donate an SUV
to the homeless woman. A new van and the money raised are enough for a good start for the
homeless woman.

The fundraising page reads, “She is an amazing person who has had a string of bad luck, and if
she loses her job, it will be devastating to her. Kate Kimmer of Del Mar graciously donated her
used SUV to Carla yesterday morning. While it does have over 200,000 miles on it, this provides
Carla with a new working vehicle! Carla was elated, as you will see from the picture yesterday.”

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